Migrage your app to Roku SceneGraph (RSG) to pass their next submission for a channel update....!!!

Ref.: Sunsetting the legacy Roku SDK visual screens

Our Roku Development Approach

Roku is one of the leading streaming players available in the market. It allows users to stream audio/video content via the Internet.

HexaBrain offers Roku app development services for forward-thinking brands who are expanding their Connected TV presence. We work closely with you to identify your goals, your opportunities in the market, and your go-to-market strategy to deliver the highest quality Roku experiences to your users. Our team of highly experienced Roku developers brings the knowledge we've gained working on media apps for some of the world's largest companies.

Channel Design

  • Roku channels are one of the most powerful video platforms you're not using.
  • Roku Channel Design involves gathering and analyzing the customer business functions, then designing an application solution to meet the prioritized business requirements.

Channel Development

  • Roku Channel Development contains the Custom live Streaming, VOD, Live Channels, Deep Linking, Search, Program Guide, Child Lock, Favorites, Viewed Programs, In-app Purchases, Roku Advertise Framework (RAF) for monitization etc..

Testing & Maintenance

  • Testing is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications or channels and techniques to fine tune the viewer experience and optimize the performance of applications

Type of Channel development

Mainly there are 3 types of ROKU Channels.

  • Public Channel (Certified channel)
  • Private Channel (NonCertified channel) can be distributed using vanity code
  • Side loadable channel (Need to sideload using developer mode directly in users ROKU device)

Migration from Legacy SDK to Roku SceneGraph (RSG)

  • Legacy SDK visual screen and associated event components that will be deprecated by end of 2018.
  • We provide services to client for migrating their current Live Legacy SDK based Roku channel to latest Roku SceneGraph based channel.

Deployment & Certification

  • ROKU Channel certification precess is very strict. We have expertise in getting channel certified if there is no issue related to content in channel.
  • We follow all required standards while development to make sure channel performance and UX match ROKU's expectations for certification.

API Development/Integration

  • Custom API development and integration in ROKU application
  • Integrate any 3rd party service in ROKU application

CMS Development

  • Develop CMS to support your ROKU application content or business rules
  • Show content in application as per user subscription
  • Control application content change without new application release

About BrightScript

  • Roku BrightScript is a powerful scripting language that makes it easy and quick to build media and networked applications for embedded devices. The language has integrated support for BrightScript Components, a library of lightweight components. The APIs of the platform (device) BrightScript is running on are all exposed to BrightScript as BrightScript Components.
  • BrightScript compiles code into bytecode that is run by an interpreter. This compilation step happens every time a script is loaded and run. There is no separate compile step that results in a binary file being saved. In this way, it is similar to JavaScript.
  • BrightScript statement syntax is not C-like; in this way, it is similar to Python or Basic or Ruby or Lua. BrightScript Objects and named entry data structures are Associative Arrays; in this way, it is similar to JavaScript or Lua.
  • BrightScript supports dynamic typing (like JavaScript) or declared types (like C or Java). BrightScript uses interfaces and components for its APIs; similar to .Net or Java.
  • BrightScript and the BrightScript Component architecture are written in 100% C for speed, efficiency, and portability.
  • There are diffrent types of roku devices: Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4.
  • The fifth generation devices are:
    • Roku Express
    • Roku Express+
    • Roku Premiere
    • Roku Premiere+
    • Roku Ultra

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