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Quality assurance is almost inevitable for any software to become competitive with good quality in this cut-throat competition.

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Automated Testing Management with HexaBrain

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What Are Manual Testing Services

Manual testing services involve testing any sections of a website and application, manually looking for issues with functionality and design. Having this type of QA is one of the best ways to ensure that your website or application is user-friendly. Fixing issues found during manual testing can help to keep your existing customers coming back and even help you to convert new customers.

Companies often outsource their software testing needs to manual testing service providers. HexaBrain provides detailed bug reports and user experience notes.

Benefits of Manual Testing

  • No Environment Limitations.
  • Recommendable for Dynamically changing GUI designs.
  • Manual testing allows for human observation, which may be more useful to find potential defects.
  • Recommendable for Usability Testing.

Automated testing for faster deployments

Automated testing is a process in which software tools execute pre-scripted tests on a software app. The purpose is to define repetitive tasks and modify a test automation framework allowing constant test execution, reporting and comparisons. This will greatly reduce your associated testing time and cost.

Benefits of Automation Testing

  • Automation increases the speed of test execution.
  • Automation helps increase Test Coverage.
  • One can do automation testing at the time of regression work.
  • Automation testing works when GUI is the same, but you will have a lot of functional changes.
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