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Delivering the best experience to the users with the latest Roku Application support.

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Delivering the best experience to the users with the latest Roku Application support

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  • Roku BrightScript is a powerful scripting language that makes it easy and quick to build media and networked applications for embedded devices. The language has integrated support for BrightScript Components, a library of lightweight components. The APIs of the platform (device) BrightScript is running on are all exposed to BrightScript as BrightScript Components.
  • BrightScript compiles code into bytecode that is run by an interpreter. This compilation step happens every time a script is loaded and run. There is no separate compile step that results in a binary file being saved. In this way, it is similar to JavaScript.
  • BrightScript statement syntax is not C-like; in this way, it is similar to Python or Basic or Ruby or Lua. BrightScript Objects and named entry data structures are Associative Arrays; in this way, it is similar to JavaScript or Lua.
  • BrightScript supports dynamic typing (like JavaScript) or declared types (like C or Java). BrightScript uses interfaces and components for its APIs; similar to .Net or Java.
  • BrightScript and the BrightScript Component architecture are written in 100% C for speed, efficiency, and portability.
  • There are different types of Roku devices: Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4.
  • The fifth-generation devices are:
    • Roku Express
    • Roku Express+
    • Roku Premiere
    • Roku Premiere+
    • Roku Ultra
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